How the MONN Trade Store works

The MONN Trade Store has been developed to give our customers even easier access to our range of products. Registered and approved trade customers will enjoy 30% discount on their online orders.

 If you’re an existing or potential trade customer and you’d like to benefit from the MONN Trade Store, please register your application via We will then review your application and one of our Sales Representatives will be in touch with you. Upon approval, you will be able to order our products as and when you wish - the MONN Trade Store is open 24/7 - while benefiting from our trade discount.

 All online orders placed will need to please be paid by EFT. Once your order is received, payment details will be sent to you along with your order confirmation email. Once the money has reflected in our account, your order will be dispatched to your preferred delivery address within 1-3 working days. It’s possible to use your own or your client’s delivery address on the order.

Regardless of your preferred delivery address, MONN Trade Store will always use your primary email address for notifications, pro forma invoicing, and tracking details. Please note that if you change the email address to your client’s email address, then they will receive these notifications including all payment information.

Due to our request for orders to be paid upfront via EFT you will also receive an additional 3% cash settlement discount. That’s 33% off!